Bayer Leverkusen secured a historic Bundesliga title with 6 games to spare. Their season will go down in the history books as they have thwarted Bayern’s ridiculous run of 11 consecutive Bundesliga titles to secure their first ever.

Xabi Alonso’s side has achieved this with 6 games left in the league season, thanks to their phenomenal record of 25 wins, 4 draws, and 0 defeats. 

They are on track to record the greatest season by any team in Bundesliga history should they get 13 points from a total of 15 possible points in their remaining 5 matches. This would also see them become the first Invincibles in Bundesliga history.

On top of their incredible achievement in the league, their season could still get even better as they are unbeaten in all competitions this season, meaning they are still involved in cup competitions as well as they have a 2nd leg quarter-final clash against West Ham where they lead 2-0 after yet another impressive display in the 1st leg at home. 

They have also gone all the way to the final of the German DFB Pokal Cup which will take place on the 25th of May.

Soaking wet with beer after his players surprised him during the press conference, the Alonso reminded everyone it’s not over yet.

“It’s not over yet and we’ve got great goals we still want to achieve. But we can think about that on Tuesday.

“Today and tomorrow, we need to celebrate.”

Alonso pledged to stay at Leverkusen another year in March, despite reported interest from Liverpool, Bayern Munich and now Real Madrid.