Bayer Leverkusen has all but secured their historic first-ever Bundesliga title after another stumble from Bayern.

Xabi Alonso’s men have enjoyed the greatest season by any club in the history of the German Bundesliga as they have been flying all season.

Leverkusen has played 28 matches this campaign, out of which they have won 2, drawn 4, and lost none. They are trailed by holders Bayern Munich who have tumbled out of the title race as they are 16 points behind with 6 matches to go. 

Mathematically speaking, Bayern is still in with the smallest of chances, but realistically speaking, they have been out of the race for some time now. Being 16 points behind with 6 matches to go means that Bayern would need for Leverkusen to lose all their remaining games and for Bayern to win all of theirs in order to win, which is definitely not happening.

So we’ve established that Bayern is out of the race, but how many more points do Leverkusen need to officially be crowned champions for the first time in their history? 

Well, they simply need to win the next match (against Werder Bremen on Sunday). Alternatively, if they were to draw or lose, they would need Bayern to draw or lose as well to clinch it this weekend.

Basically, Leverkusen fans can keep the celebratory drinks on ice because it is just a matter of time before they are crowned champions, and chances are it will be this week. Outstanding work by Xabi Alonso, his staff, and their young squad.