Moroka Swallows have been fined R1 million with R600 000 suspended for 24 months by the PSL after failing to fulfill two fixtures in December 2023.

Swallows cancelled fixtures against Mamelodi Sundowns and Golden Arrows late last year amid a player strike.

They have since been fined R1 million – R600,000 suspended for 24 months – by the PSL.

“At the commencement of the proceedings after the charges were put to them, Moroka Swallows pleaded guilty, and the league accepted their guilty plea and in their result they were convicted accordingly,” said PSL prosecutor Zola Mojavu.

“With regard to sanction, having listened to the submissions from the two legal representatives on behalf of the league, as well as Moroka Swallows, the PSL disciplinary committee returned the following ruling:

“One, in respect of each match that was not honoured, the opponents of Moroka Swallows were awarded that match on the basis of a three point and three goals basis, what is referred to as a walkover in football nomenclature.

“Two, they were further find a monetary amount of R1 million, of which R600,000 is suspended for a period of 24 months on condition that during the period of suspension, they are not found guilty of the same offence. The balance of R400,000 is to be paid effectively.

“They were further ordered to carry the costs of the seating, which are administratively completed by the league and would be added on to the R400,000 to be paid.

“As an aside, the DC further cautioned Moroka Swallows about the perilous route and fate that may befall them, should they re-offend in that one of the competent assumptions could easily have been a suspension from the league or a total expulsion from the league.

“However, the DC recognised that they pleaded guilty at the first available opportunity and that was accepted in their favour as indicative of remorse.

“The DC further accepted their undertaking that they have learned their lesson and they have put measures in place to ensure that a repeat of this unfortunate incident that could potentially damage the brand of the league is not repeated. That is how the proceedings were concluded.”

Mamelodi Sundowns and Golden Arrows were awarded 3-0 victories for the matches Swallows missed in December.

Swallows currently occupy 11th position on the 2023-24 PSL points table after five wins, four draws and five defeats.