The All Blacks are setting their sights on maintaining unwavering discipline and precision as they face off against the Springboks. In what is anticipated to be a fiercely contested match, one of their key objectives is to avoid finding themselves shorthanded on the field, as this will be essential in countering South Africa’s formidable power players.

Assistant coach Jason Ryan emphasized the significance of this endeavor, stating,”It’s going to be huge, and accuracy and momentum shifts are a big part of it.

“Momentum shifts will swing, and they can swing really quickly, the scoreboard can change quickly. Both teams can score and get momentum, so being accurate around the park is quite an important one.”

South Africa, who had to get through France and England to make it to the final. will present a different challenge than the All Blacks’ last opponents, Argentina.

“Their set-piece is phenomenal. They are a big team. They have a clear identity of how they want to play and have good bits of variation in how they use the ball.

“The physicality is a big challenge. When you look at previewing Test matches and rugby matches, especially as forwards coach, they pride themselves on their physicality and are good at it.

“It’s a big part of what they do. They’ve also brought some good variation in some of their lineouts and their defence is right on. They are pressuring teams and they are good around the breakdown. All parts of their game, they have been chipping away to set themselves up for this final.”

And then there’s South Africa’s ‘bomb squad’.

“It would be good to take some gas out of that bomb, wouldn’t it? We’ve got trust in our plan this week, and we will be able to be there until the end.”

Ryan didn’t buy into comments that South Africa let itself down with its struggle to beat England in their semifinal.

“They are playing in a final. It doesn’t matter if you win your semis or quarterfinal by one point or 30. You have just got to get to the final. They will have confidence; they know how to win World Cups. They love the big stage as we do. They are the world champions and hold the trophy.

“Last week is irrelevant for this game. This whole competition, what’s happened before, is irrelevant.”